News - Spring 2015

Recap of Block Island Race Awards

'Young American', a J105 sailed by the American Yacht Club Jr. Big Boat Program, won PHRF Overall and PHRF Division 3!

News - Spring 2015

Recap of Block Island Race Awards
Tribe Sweeps the Podium

> Tribe's finish time of 14 hrs, 22mi, 31sec is established as the official Block Island Race record for fastest to finish by a multihull
> Tribe finished 2nd over the line behind Comanche's 11hhrs, 25 min finish time
> Tribe finished 1st in the multihull class
> Tribe corrected 1st for overall fleet performance beating Comanche by 3hrs, 7 min
> Tribe was awarded the Commodore's Grail Trophy for best corrected time

Go Tribe..... Go Doyle!

News - Fall 2010

Doyle Sails builds sails for J111 Hull #1!
This boat is getting a lot of serious interest and should have
a one-design fleet as early as Block Island 2011.

Check out the Doyle Sails main and jib
for the new J111, Hull #1.


News - September 18-19, 2010

Doyle Ploch sails excel in light air lake sailing!
'dain bramage' prevails in C22 'Gone with the Wind'

2004 Catalina 22 National Champion, Mike Glover with Kelly Winter on 'dain bramage' (formerly Free James Brown Again), won the 'Gone With the Wind Regatta' held near Atlanta. 45 boats from 9 states (AL, AR, FL, GA, IN, KY, OH, SC, TN) gathered on Lake Lanier in the Catalina 22, but it was a Doyle Ploch boat that topped the fleet.

News - Summer 2010

Another win for the Wings team! The J 122 National Championships held during the NYYC one design regatta in Newport Ri. Wings had a convincing win with 5 firsts and a second! Great job!!

NEWS  - Summer 2010

Congratulations to Jim Shaughnessy and crew on
Arbella for a terrific Class win and 3rd overall
in the 2010 Bermuda Race!!

NEWS  - Spring/Summer 2010

Sandy Weil and Andy Giglia crushed the double handed fleet
at the 2010!

Sandy Weil & Andy Giglia on "Patriot took home four trophies with, 1st in the PHRF double handed division, 1st in overall PHRF elapsed,  1st in overall PHRF corrected, and most important the coveted "Edlu Trophy" for 1st in fleet in overall corrected time

NEWS  - Spring/Summer 2010

Near Right
Wings with new 2010 Lt Jib
and 2008 Carbon main!


Far Right
Wings won the J 122 one design class At the American Yacht Club Spring Regatta. Fly is the new version 10 runner with the original Stratis Carbon main built in 2008!

NEWS  - Spring/Summer 2010

OH Rodgers new cat with
sails by
Doyle Ploch!
(of course)

NEWS  - Spring/Summer 2010


OH Rodgers new cat with
feathered mast!!


What a cool photo!
Tiare from New Orleans leading the LPRC fleet


Doyle Ploch sailmaker hard at work developing a new attachment for sails to the spar!


Christopher Dragon, Wins the Greenwich Cup for best performance over the 2 regattas spring and fall!


Check out the cut of that jib!
Arrluuk and Valerie


Sakonett 23, Joy seen here on Lake Tarpon Florida during a gathering of the Florida West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron - Sails are Dacron, Cross cut mainsail and RF Bi Radial Genoa


How about a nice staysail for your ketch (maybe even a nice colorful mizzen staysail)


Syrah with her new Doyle canvas


Mason 53
getting a REAL test of her Doyle cruising sails


(a new Lagoon 380) shows off her new Doyle Stack Pack - Peter Island, BVI


Congratulations to Steve and his father Brian Tedeschi on their great performance at Key West Race week! Tieing for first with a competivive fleet is a great accomplishment. Taste Like Chicken is using Doyle Stratis one design sails!


Fountaine/Trinity 115'
with new Vectran sails hard at work


Doyle City Island through affiliate JSI of St. Pete is now offering the hot new gear from SLAM, the Italian company that produces the stylish sailing gear worn by Russel Couts.

Click here to purchase SLAM gear


Western Union
operating out of Key West with her new Doyle Ploch sails


Stratis Main for the
Beneteau 10R 'Pony Up'


The Alden 58 ARATINGA showing off her new Doyle Hydranet Spectra sails.


with her classic
Doyle Ploch Sails


Winning Sails!
- Out Island 41
Mike Noble shows his winning form on the Isla Mujeres Race in April


Luis, Jen and Cody Gonzalez of the J-120 K2 enjoying victory at this year's
Mayor's Cup on Lake Champlain


The Crew of J-105 'Last Tango' happy with 3 daily 1sts and a 2nd over-all in Whidbey Island Race Week.


Congratulations to Fred Cosandey and his crew Ernie Berger for dominating the double-handed fleet in this year’s race. Sailing ‘Choucas’ a Jeanneau 36 Sunfast with a strong enough performance to finish 13th overall and second in Division B amongst the fully crewed boats. Choucas is based out of Stuyvesant Yacht Club in City Island.

NEWS  - Fall/Winter 2009-2010

The new loft floor fills up quickly with a CNB 90 mainsail!

NEWS  - Winter 2007/2008

Red Dragon

These sails mark a milestone for Stratis and by far the largest inlaid fiber sails produced by anyone. The total Stratis membranes on board this boat account for over 27,000 sq ft of sail area – with the reacher alone coming in at over 8000 sq ft, that is impressive by any measure!

NEWS  - Fall 2007

LONG BEACH - “We plan to keep sailing consistently. That is how we win regattas.”

The father/son team Brian and Stephen Tedeschi, sailing their boat Tastes Like Chicken, Newport, R.I., won the second annual J/109 North American Championships last weekend in the waters off Long Beach. With crew Tony Tedeschi, Mark Ploch, Mark “Gonzo” Gonzales, Alex Millet, Melody Schleusner, and Peter Hamm, they won through consistency, being the only team to collect only top five scores. Complete reports from all three days are here:

NEWS  - Fall 2007


Hylas 70 - Sea Trials

Hylas 70 #2 flies through her sea trails off Fort Lauderdale in a wide range of conditions. Hydra-Net radial cloth is used throughout the inventory and reacts very much like a laminate but more rugged and a much softer hand with little chance of mildew.

NEWS  - Summer 2007


In sailboat racing there are two degrees of quickness: there's fast and then there's blazing fast. Ask Stephen Tedeschi where his J/109 team fell in that range at this weekend's Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta in Larchmont and I guarantee he have no qualms confessing that his Tastes Like Chicken is plenty fast: fast enough, that is, to earn the regatta's overall trophy and a trip to the British Virgin Islands for the Caribbean NOOD Championship in November. Eighty-one boats competed in eight classes. Also Congratulations to Dominic and Missy Porco winning IRC in there X-35 and Bill Purdy taking a 2nd place in the tuff Beneteau 36.7 class!

NEWS  - Summer 2007


Block Island race Week Rolex One Design Overall Champion
Steve Tedeschi topped a very
competitive J 109 fleet to win the One Design Rolex watch trophy!
Steve was not the only one to bring home some Silver: Andrew Weiss won 2nd in his IRC division & Mike Perry and Bill Purdy picked up 3rd place
overall in their classes.

NEWS  - Summer 2007

June 29, 2007 - Day 68
Wind SE 5-10 knots, Course SSE, Speed 3.5-4 knots

It's the sails that move us and thanks to Doyle sails we are on our way.
Paul Beaudin of Doyle sail company has been taking care the 1000 Day mission for seven years now. We were a little slow getting started, but Paul kept believing in the project. We fly all Doyle sails and though they are no longer new, they are holding up very well. Sailing a traditional schooner on long voyages can be a lot of wear and tear on the sails. I must admit, I am not the perfect sailor and I make mistakes. I try to take care of the sails as well as I can, but sometimes they still get damaged. I've torn reefing grommets and chafed seams that have opened up. Now that I'm at sea, I fix everything myself. My do it on the spot heavy handed needle is not always proper and neat, but over the years it holds and I'm not slow to go back and repair again if necessary. While constantly making repairs around the schooner, I've had the clumsiness of loosing some tools overboard, so I'm very careful not to bring my whole spool of sail sewing thread outdoors, just pieces of it for each job. I have plenty of needles and sail material, and so long as I have thread, I'll keep these sails going for the duration of the voyage.
Reid Stowe - 1000 Days Voyage

NEWS  - Spring 2007

THREE HARKOMS, winner of Non Spinnaker Class 1 at the BVI Race Week

NEWS  - Summer 2006

The first X35 in the continental USA was launched for the Annapolis Boat Show. The boat show great promise as an IRC racer and one design. On the sailing trails in 6 kts of breeze the boat would almost match the wind speed!! Very quick and Powered up boat! Here are some shots of her Grand Prix Stratis sails.
X35 Sailing in Light Air X35 Jib
Big sails going through the loft, here (below right) is a new Genoa for a 115’ Fontaine taking up much of the 8,000 sq ft of floor space!
X35 Mainsail Fountaine 115 Genoa

NEWS  - Summer 2006

Doyle Sweeps LIS PHRF Championships
Congratulations to Rich Gold and crew on the NY 36 Turning Point for delivering a dominating performance using Doyle Stratis Sails to take top honors in the Long island Sound PHRF Championships hosted by Riverside Yacht Club in Greenwich Connecticut.
Special thanks to Allen Clark of for letting us use this photo.

NEWS  - Summer 2006

Hot News form Doyle Sails Early Summer 2006 - Spring Triple Crown

Doyle sweeps American Spring Series taking all top fleet wins
Christopher Dragon Andrew Weiss’ J-130 was overall IRC victor using a combination of Stratis molded sails and TRT radial paneled sails, all with Carbon. Downwind, the 3 season old Contender .5 Superlight VMG spinnaker has been unbeatable. Paul Beaudin noted “after being very worried about the ability to compete under the IRC rule, just keeping the sail inventory versitile and up to date has the boat performing extremely well. Big gains off the wind by adding a smaller more specific light air VMG spinnaker has been fantastic. Many Asymmetrics are just too big to support deep angles in light air and the molded shape is critical to keep flow attached while pressing the boat as deep as possible.”

Turning Point, the NY 36 skippered by Rich Gold was top in the PHRF Fleet using again Stratis and traditional Aramid radials. Rich says “the sails are holding up so well I am afraid I not the best customer. The older sails are still getting the job done”

Damian Emery’s Eclipse won the competitive J-105 class using our new Stratis class legal Twaron Jib to take top One-Design honors.

Block Island Race - Slow Road
Christopher Dragon and crew stuck out the very light condition to finish first in class in the Block Island Race. Of the 103 boats that started only 15 finished. Dragon won the class with the most finishers (4). beating the 2 rival ( and faster) J-133s boat for boat after a neck and neck battle the last day. Paul was on board and his only comment “the picture says it all”.

Newport- Bermuda 2006
Christopher Dragon and crew again topped the podium with a victory in IRC for class in the 100th running of this fantastic race. Paul was on board and comments “ the decision to take a western route was a tough call with all the top navigators and the routing software pointing to a wide eastern course. It was a choice I was glad not to have to make and must commend our navigator Larry Fox and skipper Andrew Weiss in having the where with all to go with their gut feelings. The standard forecast called for decent westerly winds for the beginning and the they held for us right into the stream where we went on a beautiful blast reach for 14 hours making around 11 knots through the water and 15 over the ground. The .75 reaching spinnaker was like a rock and enjoyed the very tight angles without a lot of fuss. For the first 2 days we were the closest boat to Bermuda with the big boats stuck in the east. On the second morning we were 75 miles ahead of Maximus( also a Doyle customer), go figure. Of coarse at 3am on the last morning, I was standing on the bow with a telltale on the end of a batten wondering what happened to all the smokers when you need them.”
Dragon also was part of the winning Onion Patch Team from Indian Harbor yacht club, which included Crescendo and Brown Eyed Girl.

Finally a Fast one - 2006 Around Long Island Race
Christopher Dragon again stepped up to the plate to take top honors in PHRF and were runners up in IRC behind the record breaker 77' turbo -sled Alchemy. Christopher Dragon was holding even with the boats in the next faster division sailing with a Jib top and staysail combo. Owner Andrew said ‘ we finally decided to try going with the APR-80 reaching spinnaker and proceeded to pass the next faster division to be the second boat around Montauk Light. The Reacher is fantastic, stable and easy to fly. Everyone else were wiping out around us, we just sailed by. 15.5 knots of boat speed in 20 knots true wind on a 43 foot cruiser racer is pretty nice. The reacher now replaces the VMG as our favorite sail.'



Johnny Roberts Farr 39 wins the
Dauphin Island Race

Johnny Roberts first time out in his newly acquired and totally refinished Farr 39 took the Dauphin Island races in very windy conditions. Check out his new Carbon fiber main.

Photo courtesy of David Jefcoat - STARFISH PHOTOS



Winning Ways - 2006!

St. Maarten Heineken - 1st in class
Rolex St. Thomas - 1st in class
BVI Spring Regatta - 3rd in class, 1st every race by at least 5 min corrected, but a dsq one race.
Culebra International - 2nd, beat by a Soveral 27, 4 knots average wind speed

Three Harkoms, the modified Beneteau Oceanis 440 that was managed by Doyle BVI, finished Antigua Sailing Week first in Performance Cruiser 2 and first in the Performance Cruiser fleet, adding a second Rolex this year to a rather considerable list of firsts. Conditions were variable with races peaking at six knots one day, eighteen the next, with ten being the average. Three Harkoms had enough speed in all conditions, thanks to a very special Caribbean inventory prepared by Doyle Ploch Sails in Florida, to stay in the top three in all races, finishing with three firsts and two thirds in class and 1,2,3,6,10 in fleet.



Northern Winds, a new Farr 56 owned by Bob DeMattia has won Cruising Class A in the 2005 ARC. Bob and his crew, Kim Flora, Bob DeClercq, Jason Breckenridge and Jeff Taylor were the 6th boat to cross the finish line finishing ahead of all the racing class's. Their elapsed time was 16d 5h 44m. For more details go to Congratulations Bob and team!



Winning in the Beneteau 36.7

Mark Ploch
A winning campaign is always a product of preparation! With the Beneteau 36.7 that starts with the bottom. Be sure that all the through-hulls are faired into the hull to be as smooth as possible. The keel comes in pretty good condition from the factory, but it also will need some smoothing and sanding before it is truly race-ready. As always, some keels start off better than others, and on mine all I needed was a thick barrier coat and some good wet-sanding.

Now that the bottom is a smooth as possible with the orange peel in the bottom paint sanded out, it's time to look at the deck layout. It is very important to be able to control the sails and make changes to optimize the sail shapes for changing conditions. We took the main traveler purchase blocks off the traveler and moved them to the jib tracks--this increased the purchase on the jib car, and made a nicer place for main trimmer to sit! The main traveler controls were changes to bullet blocks bolted along side the traveler; I did not move the cleats to the side of the boat from the car, but I think if I step on the traveler line and uncleat it one more time I would! The other important control to bring closer is the backstay. This should be led so that it can be easily adjusted by the main trimmer.

Sailing the Beneteau 36.7 fast is not as easy as you may think. It is very important to get up to full speed out of the tack as quickly as possible, and this usually means have the jib and main only trimmed to about 85%. Once you increase close to the target you can trim to 100% or whatever is appropriate for the wind and sea conditions to maintain your target speed. In very light air and lumpy water you rarely trim more than 85%-- I found very quickly that sailing above the target speed upwind is a NO-gainer! In fact, in smooth water the biggest gains are to sail pinched! Keeping the main with all telltales flowing is also very fast, a tight leech -- especially in big puffy breeze -- is very slow and hard to steer straight. Plenty of backstay, a flat main, and not too high up on the traveler is good. The genoa is not sheeted to a very close angle and therefore it is not so important to bring the main much over center.

We also keep our weight very packed together on the rail, with one person hiking in front of the shrouds. This crew location also works very well downwind -- until you get winds over 20 knots, when you'll want to slide aft! We did not change down to the #3 until the wind was a solid 18 knots. You can get by with the genoa in 20 knots of breeze, but it is very hard on the main. You will be just as fast and maybe higher if you go with the #3 and keep the main trimmed, instead of flogging, most of the time!

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