FEATURED PRODUCT - Zenith Furling Main with vertical battens  

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Great Shape from the
full roach adds performance

A Hunter 445 with new Zenith Mainsail. Note the beautiful shape and extra sail area in the roach.

The Zenith main reefs
easily and smoothly

Click here for a line drawing of the Zenith Main with added area - PDF file

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Main on a Hylas 46 - PDF file

Click here for a brochure of the Zenith Main showing construction details - PDF file

Here are a couple of files that will provide more information for current and prospective Zenith owners
Tips for trimming the Zenith Main (PDF) - click here
Tips and photos for furling and unfurling the Zenith Main - click here

Is the Zenith Main Right for You?
The mainsail is a very important part of your sail inventory. It is used more than any other one sail, and on more points of sail. The area sacrificed in a normal roller furling main is the most important area of the main. While the luff may be effected by the mast and rigging, the leach is free and clear. Roach provides the extra push for pointing, and just “plain old” horsepower when reaching and running. Our Zenith main has as much as 12% more area than the standard roller mainsail that it is replacing! Because a sail with roach has more area, greater efficiency, and better esthetics there is scarcely a reason not to have one!

There are a couple of controlling factors in whether or not you can have a Zenith mainsail. The first is the size of the opening of the furling mast. The battens and any reinforcements must be able to pass easily through the opening and not hang up! Our sails require a minimum gap of 15mm, and that is tight. The other restriction is the cavity capacity! You will need more room to roll up a sail with battens especially along the foot. Most roller furling cruising mains have a short leach. This is to allow the clew to rise as it rolls to keep the build up of the foot tape from becoming excessive for the mast cavity. The higher the clew the less build up and the more sail (and battens) you can roll up. We try to keep the clew as low as possible for maximizing sail area. However, it is the top third of the sail that is critical to the performance of a mainsail, and this is where the Zenith excels.

To help minimize the required cavity capacity, we use a special rod batten. The rod is small enough to pass through the opening easily, not take up too much space in the cavity, and to roll up and be shipped by UPS. Another advantage with the full-length batten is in reefing. It not only makes for a good location to reef, but it helps keep the luff tight and the furled sail smoother!

There really is no disadvantage to getting Zenith, unless you just bought a new roller furling main that is not a Zenith!!

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