Happy Doyle Ploch Clients

Meet another group of happy Doyle Ploch clients. There's just nothing like hoisting up the trophy after a tough regatta.

And there's just nothing like Doyle Sails to help you get there.

 To read some of the letters and comments sent to us by our many happy clients, scroll down.

Letters from Happy Clients

This is an email from 2007 J109 National Champion Steve Tedeschi to another J109 competitor who inquired about his Doyle Ploch sails. His praise for Doyle Ploch sails speaks for itself. Please take a moment to read it below.

It is great to hear from you. I can honestly say that there is not a faster set of sails out in the marketplace, and I honestly believe that we have an edge over the competition. I have a unique perspective to have an opinion like this since I have had North, UK, and Doyle sails on my 105's and 109's (I have owned multiples of each.) And the latest set of Doyle's have been the best yet.

As an overall look at, there is no sail maker better than North at trying to figure out the fastest shape before they even have a boat to test. Their sails out of the box typically hits the mark and you pay for this premium. It takes a little while for everyone else to catch up, and then they usually do, by experimenting and making constant changes, each time getting closer to the optimum shape, eventually surpassing their own and Norths computer models.

To make these optimizations possible there needs to be the right recipe. You need a sail maker that understands aerodynamics, and sail design to be able communicate with the head designer who is also willing to listen, and this sail maker needs a boat(s) that races in a consistent manner against the top of their respective class on a regular basis.

I know that both Doyle and UK have done this and have spent much more time on the water with the top boats than their competition. Between Doyle and UK it is a no brainer for me. Since I don't like to speak negative I will speak positively about Doyle. I think in 2007 the Doyle program has out performed, out lasted, and out serviced their competition. 

Performance: I think the record speaks for itself in 2007:    Block Island Race Week, East Coast Championships, North American Championships, Larchmont NOOD, Buzzards Bay Regatta, Key West Race week.

Out Lasted: None of my sails and to my knowledge no other J109 Doyle sails inexplicably fell apart either at the seems or some other stress point which would indicate faulty construction. In addition the sails have held their shape significantly longer than the competition, which I still own some.

Out Serviced:  This tends to be more of a local thing, I can just say Doyle/Ploch has been exemplerary in their service. Timely and responsive.

Now the way I look at it you can pay a lot more for the North's, which are very good sails, were probably the fastest design three years ago, and have an excellent nation wide network, and the sails you get may or may not be the exact same as the guy who ordered them same time. (Consistency is an issue with 3dl string technology)

Or you could choose between UK's and Doyles. I think for your money Doyle is a superior product, the record shows that in both results and longevity.

NOW ONE FINAL SUGGESTION, and by far the most IMPORTANT, is if you go with Doyle, Make sure you ask for the newest Design that Came out of the DOYLE/PLOCH loft. The sails we used at the NA's and the other regattas were not the stock sails.  (Make sure your sails man calls Mark PLoch or better yet, call him yourself to make sure you are getting what you want) The Spinaker, I am confident in saying is the best one out there, went through major redesign, the main and jibs are also different. Since you tune the rig to the sails, and if you get the same Doyle cut as we have, we can help you get the boat set up the same way and explain how we sail the boat, which is pretty different than than the competition.

Please call me if you have any questions and look forward to seeing you out their with a new set of Doyle's. 914-471-2497


To: Tim Stodola - Doyle Ploch Sails
Hey Tim,

Hello from near the midway point Galapagos to the Marquesas. We wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with the spinnaker. We have used it a TON. The winds have been often under ten kts almost always aft of the beam. We have had the APC up now for the last 36 hours straight and I couldn't help but write to let you know. It has really kept us moving often with apparent winds of ZERO. 4-5 kts of breeze and we are doing the same.
Rob, Gem, and Leona,    S/V Orinoco Flow,   Bristol 45


Hello Tim
Thanks a lot for the UPS sail you sent to me last September for my Bavaria. It has taken a little bit of time for me to answer, as my photos were lost... these computer backups of today ... ggrr

But I finally got them and here you have my report with nice photos!!

The file is 11 Megabytes large because the fotos are in full quality. Please feel free to use that for your homepage or forum if you wish.

Thanks to your team and happy Xmas!
Yours Antonio Martinez

From Rona at Caper Fear Yachts
The D4s we bought back in 2003 are now on Tom Sheffield's boat - see his comments below about your sails..

From Tom Sheffield
... I happen to think the Doyle product is pretty freaking durable, the two aforementioned working sails (main, jib) stay on the boat now and they're truly as good as new...

Comments of Ray Mannix after winning Clearwater to Key West Race

Our Doyle D4 sails were very versatile, keeping their superior shape through a variable wind velocity range. When many of our competitors were making headsail changes, we continued to sail fast by adjusting the sails to wind and wave conditions. At all times, I was confident in the performance of the sails. They continued to work hard, hold strong and did not loose their shape. The match up of the Semper Fi crew and Doyle sails contributed greatly to our first place victory.

Ray Mannix
Owner/Skipper “Semper Fi”

Excerpts of letter to Bob Saunders

Dear Bob,
I am writing a quick note to let you know how pleased I am that I chose you and Doyle Sailmakers to be the sail loft for my boat. Of all the vendors and trades I used, you are the only one that delivered the product and service on the original planned date. I would like to thank you for the efforts you and your associates in Florida(Doyle Ploch) and Australia(Doyle Fraser) made to achieve that success.
In addition to being pleased by your service, the sails themselves are outstanding. I am very pleased that I chose your D4 product. The shape is superb and the finish work excellent. I have also been very pleased with the Spinnaker that I purchased.
In summary, I have been very satisfied with both the sails and service provided by your team and I plan to continue to purchase my sails from you in the future.

Rand Valentin
Seabrook, TX

Excerpts of letter to Tim Stodola

Tim Stodola,
I am one day out from Lagos, Portugal. An Atlantic Crossing single-handed to the Azores and one non experienced crew member added from Horta to Lagos.
I am truly amazed at how well the combination of sails and the roller furlings are to handle. I can easily control all sail changes and adjustments from the cockpit. I do have to go up to the bow to set the UPS spinnaker, but I come back to unfurl it. It works great.
The sail combination is well balanced and easy to control. Up to 20 knots, I use the full main and the #1 Jib. Over 20 knots, I roll in the #1 and roll out the working jib. She is a perfect balance. Twice, I have had 30 - 35 knot winds, once from port and once from starboard. The main comes down easily to about 2/3 and handles it well.
Congratulations! You have made a perfect combination for my Hunter 466. I may want to add a bigger chute when coming back across from the Canaries to Antigua. Hunter wants my boat to represent them at the boat show there for the charter company buyers the first week in December.

Mike Harker S/V "WanderLust"

Excerpts of letter to Tim Stodola
RE: Your UPS Sail is Grrrrreat !!

Tim Stodola,
As you may remember, we purchased a UPS Sail for our Caliber 40 LRC earlier this year. I intended to drop you a note sooner, but I'm finally getting to it. This sail is the best thing that has happened to our boat. Heavy boats sail very slowly or not at all in the all-too-frequent light air of Tampa Bay and the west coast of Florida. This sail allows us to enjoy sailing in the four to eight knots of wind that previously required use of the "Yanmar Jib". It has turned motoring days into sailing days. More amazingly, we can sail to windward with it; I'm just amazed at how high we can point with this sail. Finally, the roller furling makes setting and retrieving it a breeze. Our previous boat had an asymmetrical spinnaker, and it was a hassle for one person, even with a sock. This UPS is a snap to use, so we don't hesitate to put it up.
We plan to go cruising for several months next spring and look forward to being able to sail rather than motor much of the time.

Again, thanks for a great sail and the excellent service you provided along with it.
Ken and Becky McAmis s/v Water Music

Excerpts of letter to Doyle Ploch

My old main blew out two weeks prior to a vacation planned around my boat. I had made several attempts to contact "other companies" to see how quickly I could get a replacement. I got my sail a day earlier than promised, and the whole thing was priced better than what I would have had to wait 6 to 8 weeks for from another vender. My hats off (and future business) to Doyle Sails. The Doyle main sail is a work of art. I couldn't be happier!

Excerpts of letter to Tim Stodola
To: Tim Stodola
Re: Santana 23

Tim- I bought a Blade and a 135 for my Santana 23 from you a couple of years ago and the sails have been great. We now have 5 of the original Santana 23's in our fleet. Everyone is using everything from UK Tapes to 3DL'S. One of our boats talked Jeff Madrigali with North into making 3DL's for him 2 years ago. We have won the fleet championship the last 2 years and your sails have been a major part of that. I am looking for a new spinnaker and would like a quote for both a runner and an AP. We normally have winds above 12 so I am probably leaning more towards a runner.

Thanks Again! Ernie French

Excerpts of letter to Tim Stodola
To: Tim Stodola - Doyle Ploch Clearwater
Re: Westsail 43 Full batten main with the Tides Strong Track System.

Hey Tim: just a short note to let you know our Strong system worked great on our recent trip to the Exumas. We encountered a bit of weather in the Gulf Stream and had no problems with the set-up. I forget how many times we had to go to 1st or 2nd reef and undo her again! The full batten system is the way to go.

Thanks for the great advice. 
Mike Beilan W-43 INFINI

Excerpts of letter to Tim Stodola

Thanks very much for your price quote for a new Genoa for my Island Packet 27.Regarding the Doyle Stack Pack mainsail and Tides Track that we recently purchased from your company, I can not tell you how much my wife and I enjoy the ease of using the system. The main goes up without hardly any effort and even more importantly comes down quickly and is secure in the bag. This is so important when you need to lower the sail when conditions warrant. We are both especially appreciative of the advice and support you provided both before and after the purchase and installation of the sail.

Thanks again.
Dick Klusman

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