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Wherever there are sailors, there are winners. And wherever there are winners, there are Doyle sails. Doyle makes the fastest, toughest sails on the planet, PERIOD.  

What this means for you is that whether you're racing or cruising, you'll get the best sails available for your type of sailing. 

But, it's not just about trophies or high tech sail cloth.  IT'S ABOUT YOU. It's about meeting your needs. It's about giving you more than you ask for, but not selling you more than you  need.  Give us a call, we're ready to talk sails.

Doyle New York City
(800) 237-4453

Mark Ploch
Ofc: (800) 237-4453
Ofc: (718) 885-2255
Cell: (917) 864-8422

Paul Beaudin
Ofc: (800) 237-4453
Ofc: (718) 885-2255
Cell: (917) 584 5194



Doyle Sails NYC


  Doyle Sails NYC - City Island, New York